jeudi 17 mars 2011

EMF Generation enriched by the JavaDoc Generation

EGF 0.5.0_M6 is available for Helios and Indigo.
This version enriches the EMF Generation with the generation of the Java Doc.

  1. Select a set of ecore models
  2. Right-click and [New][Other...][EGF Category][GenerationChain Model][Next]
  3. For the Emf Generation of a model, set the JavaDoc parameter to true
  4. Then, at runtime, the JavaDoc is generated during the Emf Generation

Precondition: Eclipse must be launched with the JDK (and not with the JRE).

If you are curious and interested, the JavaDoc generation is realized by an activity workflow: 1) an Ant script is dynamically generated with an EGF pattern, 2) this script is provided to an EGF Ant task which executes it on the fly.

A video is available here.
Download of EGF: from Amalgam or the EGF Wiki.