mercredi 9 novembre 2011

EGF at EclipseDay Paris 2011

What are complex generations and how to deal with? The talk "complex generations with EGF" presented at the EclipseDay Paris 2011 is now available here.

Video link of the two presented EGF portfolios:

EclipseDay Paris 2011 was a great event, and we hope a third edition!

jeudi 17 mars 2011

EMF Generation enriched by the JavaDoc Generation

EGF 0.5.0_M6 is available for Helios and Indigo.
This version enriches the EMF Generation with the generation of the Java Doc.

  1. Select a set of ecore models
  2. Right-click and [New][Other...][EGF Category][GenerationChain Model][Next]
  3. For the Emf Generation of a model, set the JavaDoc parameter to true
  4. Then, at runtime, the JavaDoc is generated during the Emf Generation

Precondition: Eclipse must be launched with the JDK (and not with the JRE).

If you are curious and interested, the JavaDoc generation is realized by an activity workflow: 1) an Ant script is dynamically generated with an EGF pattern, 2) this script is provided to an EGF Ant task which executes it on the fly.

A video is available here.
Download of EGF: from Amalgam or the EGF Wiki.